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Hassle-free and affordable expert business setup for all your business needs.


No one understands the specific needs of your business like the business setup specialists at Dreamss Online.  

We guide you through the complicated rules, requirements, and regulations required to set up your business in mainland Abu Dhabi because we’ve been doing it for over 20 years. Our team works closely with you to ensure all of your incorporation certificates and government approvals required are completed correctly and on time. 

We specialize in creating a seamless and stress-free business setup experience for every client by offering customized and comprehensive packages designed to simplify the entire process from start to finish.

Why Abu Dhabi?

Abu Dhabi has transformed into one of the fastest-growing economies in the world in recent years. Thanks to strong government support, the city’s innovation and exponential growth have made it a prime location for creating successful businesses. 

Most trade licenses in UAE are only valid for a year. When you choose to do business in mainland Abu Dhabi, your company registration is valid for two years. At Dreamss Online, our business setup professionals in Abu Dhabi ensure you have expert guidance and comprehensive support throughout the entire process. 

We’ve been helping startups just like yours get their footing in mainland Dubai through comprehensive and cutting-edge business setup services and solutions designed to simplify the entire process from end to end. Our team brings over 20 years of experience setting up businesses in Dubai to the table to provide you with expert and personalized guidance and support to ensure your success.

How We Do It

Our team of business setup specialists works closely with your business to ensure you’re able to effectively and efficiently navigate the complicated process of setting up your business in mainland Abu Dhabi. We help you identify which type of business jurisdiction is best for what your company offers to your customers. 

 Do you want to set up your business in Abu Dhabi but have no idea where to begin? Dreamss Online is your ultimate source for all the comprehensive, customized, and expert business setup solutions you need to succeed.


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