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Specialists & professionals need a professional trade license in UAE

A service-oriented company depends on a professional’s skill. This is why specialists and professionals need to acquire a UAE professional trade license in order to have a business setup in the UAE.

UAE professional licenses are granted based on the educational entitlement and area of expertise. Acquiring a professional license include several factors. These such as documentation, approvals from the Chamber of Commerce, municipality formalities, etc. With the right documents get your professional business license at Dream Business Setup almost instantly!

Did you also know that a professional license in Dubai may allow 100% ownership for foreign investors? Professional trade license also permits the advantage of a sole proprietorship in some jurisdictions. Companies under professional trade licenses require a UAE national as a local service agent to complete the judicial formalities. The local service agent charges a fixed annual fee and has no other involvement in the company. This is not the case in mainland business setup, where the company is owned by a UAE national with 51% partnership.


Initially, you need to decide the jurisdiction and the business activity, along with the number of shareholders in the company. Depending on the structure of the company, the procedures will differ. For example, the procedure for an LLC formation in Abu Dhabi will be different from that of a service-oriented small business setup in Abu Dhabi.

Do you want to start a new business in Abu Dhabi but are wondering how to do it all? Do you want to know how to start a restaurant or a trading business in Abu Dhabi? Dream can get you sorted! To get detailed information about these and any other business activity in terms of Abu Dhabi company registration, simply speak to our Abu Dhabi company formation experts to get all your questions answered.


Apply for a professional trade license with Dream Business Setup. Get added support and facilities as noted below:

  • Providing you with required paperwork from the judicial departments
  • Coordinating with educational institutes for approvals
  • Applications for visas, licenses, obtaining labour quotas, translation services, etc.
  • Assisting with the opening of corporate bank accounts
  • Fixed annual fee, transparency in dealing and reliability
  • Suitable for entrepreneurs, SMEs and MNCs entering the UAE market

UAE encourage professional entrepreneurship which makes it simple to start a professional company in the region. Find out more about professional licenses or for renewal of your professional trade licenses in Dubai or anywhere in UAE call us now!