Dreamss Online Business Setup

The possibilities are endless when you bring your business to the US!


Expand your horizons and maximize your profits!

Starting a business in the USA is one of the best ways to expand your business opportunities as well as creating incredible profits along the way. 

And doing business in the US is a great path to citizenship if that’s what you’re looking for too!

We operate as your registered agent so you can be one step closer to success!

To set up an LLC in the U.S., you need to have a Registered Agent for your business. Our business specialist partner with you to become your Registered Agent because you’re a non-resident business owner. 

We take the worry out of it all from the start! 

Simplify your bank set up with us!

Our team works with you to ensure you have all of your required documentation that U.S. banks will need when you travel to set up your business. 

Due to money laundering laws in the United States, it’s required that banks know their clients. This means you’re going to need to travel to the U.S. to open your business banking account before you can even start operating in the U.S.

Our team works closely with you to simplify this entire process and ensure a seamless experience throughout applying for and getting your Visa to travel and setting up all the necessary appointments at the bank of your choice. 

If you’re ready to capitalize on the incredible wealth and opportunity available in the U.S. for your business, call Dreamss Online today!


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